I want to talk about Cheyenne today. It is definitely known for its cowboy history as the “Paris of the West” due to the legends that passed through these streets in the last 200 years. You can easily find someone around here who is willing to regale you with the exciting tales of train robberies and shootouts in the streets but today I’m more concerned with the frequent question most out-of-towners ask:

“What is there to actually DO here in Cheyenne? Like on a normal day?”

Outside of Frontier Days (when there are a million tourists participating in the multitude of wild west activities going on throughout town each July), there isn’t much written on local activities that we are free to enjoy on a non-holiday summer afternoon in Cheyenne. So, in response, here is a list of my answers to that question…

7 Things To Do in Cheyenne on a Sunny Day

Sit in the Depot Plaza and listen to music because it is centrally located in the heart of downtown and there are more and more events being hosted there each summer like the Rib Fest, 80s Dance Party, Celtic Festival, and on and on. The people watching opportunities alone bring me back again and again.


Follow the Art Walk and you’ll see some great local artists on presentation in businesses, cafes, and galleries even if it isn’t the official night of Art Walk on 2nd Thursday of each month (where awesome sales and tasty deals coincide with the gallery exhibit openings).


Hang by the train tracks at one of two downtown breweries and watch the hundreds of trains go by each day. As the Railroad Capital of America, Cheyenne was founded by workers moving west to build the transcontinental railway and these trains are still a huge part of everyday life here. Plus, as you drink more beer the graffiti on each train car gets easier to decipher…


Use ReRide and explore the Greenway to get a real insiders tour of Cheyenne. With over 37 miles of paths throughout town, you can get almost anywhere with this network and our local bike share program, ReRide, provides an easy and free way to get around. Just look for the yellow bikes stashed all over town and get going!


Find a food truck and then have a picnic under the closest tree, which are found all over Cheyenne since we have also been labeled Tree City USA due to our 12,000 public trees and 8,000 street trees that are, literally, on every corner!


Catch a free concert in the park on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month. The Cheyenne Civic Concert Band puts on a free performance at twilight while you relax on a blanket in the grass at our outdoor amphitheater. Bring drinks and snacks and you’ll feel like you’re at a private concert in your backyard! BONUS: this is right next to the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens so we usually stop in there and take a peek around their amazing greenhouse and surrounding gardens before heading over to the concert.


Fly a kite because it is ALWAYS windy in Wyoming, but the summertime breezes keep it pleasant and make for truly enjoyable kite-flying conditions. Don’t let kids have all the fun!





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