I am Beth, a.k.a. the Community Coordinator here at The Second Floor coworking offices. Depending on the day, I wear many different hats in this position: office manager, account pro, administrative director, hostess, event planner, ping pong referee, executive coordinator, or plant specialist. But, in this instance, I am simply Beth the Blogger since I love surveying the world around me and reflecting on the intriguing, peculiar, and hilarious happenings that I come across.

For example…


Humans are consumed by distractions (dogs are too, but that’s a different post…). Our days are filled with doses of these undiscovered complications waiting to derail schedules. Just today, as I began to write this, it took me 3 hours to get a single sentence typed! All due to distractions. Not that they are inherently bad – I love when visitors come in for a tour, phones ring with new opportunities or emails grab my eye with extra reservation requests! These things are great! They make ‘business’ happen and keep us profitable.


But what happens to us, as beings, when our carefully laid plans are continually dashed? When we want to focus on our passions and sunny side-pursuits, but day-to-day business keeps butting its’ head in? Even as the frustration inevitably sets in, we are also expected to find inner peace in the midst of the chaos. Monks struggle for years to achieve serenity and we are expected to just have it happen! Poof!

Where do we even start?!

Is peace found with a balance between our work-self and our emotional-self? A balance between the immediate, attention-grabbing tangents and our meticulously plotted calendars? Is that the key? Or working under stress while also having the grace to acknowledge when the fine line of sanity has been crossed and its time to lay down our swords for the day? Y’all, are these even attainable?! Who tells us? Dammit, where is Jiminy Cricket when you need him?

Alas, we are on our own out here in this big world…

But wait… no! Not really! Because there are coworkers sitting next to us! Friends who can offer a heaping dose of logical perspective. Confidents who’ve most likely been there themselves and come out successful on the other side. These strangers become exterior forces conniving to help us morph into our best selves. That is the balance. The human balance. And they help us find balance in our own lives.


See what I mean? These are the types of discussions that I love encountering and this one came right from our coworking community!

Since this journal is tied directly to our space, and it to our unique mix of members, I wanted this blog to directly reflect that hodgepodge of awesome-ness. These posts will be driven to represent the balance between the desires we all hope to fulfill and the duties that we must. It will be a successful representation of work/life balance; a mix of business and pleasure; a blend of inspiring art, useful marketing, delicious food, time saving email tips, colorful features, bicycles and beer and everything in between…

…a dose of what it means to be human.

Thank you for reading! I hope you check back in for more. Who knows what you’ll find?! Have a wonderful day!