Instead of an afternoon coffee, try a walking meditation:

Just walk slightly slower than your normal pace

but not so slow that anyone would notice.

What makes it a meditation is that

you’re paying attention to the experience.

As you move along, really see what’s in front of you

and notice the sensation of your feet against the ground.

Whenever you realize that your mind has

strayed, in a friendly but firm way,

return it to the experience.

Integrating mind and body with a conscious walk

lets you cultivate concentration, engage your muscles,

bring fresh air into your lungs, and take your brain off your worries.

Remember – you don’t have to walk super slow, like a zombie.

But take your time.

You’re not trying to go anywhere

but inward.


meditation guided by Cyndi Lee – founder of Om Yoga, owner of Yoga Goodness Studio 



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It is one of my favorite ways to meditate since it combines the soothing relaxation of letting go and the amazing beauty of nature. Even if you don’t have a forest out your door, this can be done anytime throughout your day: on the way to the bus stop, leaving your office, while you’re walking the dog, as you head to lunch, anytime! It is always a good idea to take a few moments to get a load of worries off your mind today.

And heads up: We will have more content coming weekly now so stay tuned! Have a great day!