This week really feels like fall with the kids all back in school, leaves starting to turn that bright yellowy-green, crisp mornings, and pumpkin spice everywhere! I love this time of year when the weather starts turning colder and, since I am a true winter-loving snow addict, fall acts as the ‘starting line’ for my favorite 5 months of the year!

This is a fantastic time for change and new beginnings and this fall will not disappoint! It has a whole new level of excitement to it for an entirely non-weather, non-snowy related reason: Array School opening at The Second Floor!

Basically, a whole team of awesome coders-to-be are beginning as students at Array School of Technology and Design on October 1. So not only will The Second Floor have tons of new members, but Wyoming will be taking an exciting step into the future!

How, you might ask?

Well, Array School of Technology and Design is Wyoming’s first private technology school! It is located here on the 4th floor of The Second Floor Coworking Offices and is your only source for a solid 6-month course of know-how for full stack coding and design here in Cheyenne.

The Headmaster, ET, grew up here, moved away and did fantastic things with Apple, and has returned to his hometown to impact future generations of Wyomingites!

ET has a natural ability to inspire and motivate those around him and he has designed this school to streamline the learning process and maximize the impact his students can have on the technology community.

In this 24-week course, students become junior-level developers by building web applications, developing their own ideas into functional pieces of software, understanding collaborative web development workflows, and embarking on the career path of a web developer. This course will give aspiring web developers the confidence to build projects from start to finish at a professional level in a mobile-first world.

The focus of this course is learning to program in multiple languages to create web applications. The curriculum as a whole focuses on teaching students how to be professional full-stack developers capable of building scalable products with a team of developers. In addition to teaching Rails, this course also includes lessons on computer science, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, CSS Pre-Processors, Command Line, Git, UI/UX design and principals, and database schemas.

ET, Headmaster

in one of the rooms of Array School

As ET put it himself:

“Array is a school of thinkers, doers, and creators.
A community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and knowledge.
A home for those who feel they have something worth sharing with the world.

We connect the dots of the past to design the future.
We forge raw talent to make the impossible possible.
We become what we want to be by not remaining who we are.
Together, we are an array. A systematic collection of those who share common traits.
Listening with our hearts, feeling with our souls, and seeing the stars makes us dream.”




To learn more about who they are, the courses offered, or how to apply, please follow the link below:

Array School Website





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