Are you hating the fact that Cinco De Mayo is on a Saturday this year? Yeah me too. That means no low-key office parties…. or does it? The BEST part of it being on a Saturday is that you can have your office party on Friday and still sleep in the next morning without having to worry about waking up AND looking presentable at work the next day (unless someone you know is getting married or has some other significant event).

Step one to having the best low-key office party: Piñatas! Could be dangerous, but don’t fret, piñatas are the best way to relieve that office stress that I’m sure we’ve all been holding in for probably a few years now. What you need is a secluded room, with all the breakable stuff (JK), a piñata, and a really tough stick thing. Have individuals go in and relieve stress for five whacks, and just like taking turns at a long line at a porta potty, one person at a time (this ensures that no one will be harmed in the making of this amazing day). When the piñata breaks, that person must go back to work immediately for ruining the fun of everyone else who didn’t get to relieve their stress. Everyone else is allowed one handful of candy until it is gone. Sugar rush to end the shift strong? I think yes.

How does one set the mood for a low key Cinco De Mayo office party? I’m so glad you asked – music! There’s beautiful apps such as Spotify, Apple music, Pandora, etc. that you can search for party music. There’s no limitations so try searching for: low key party music, chill music, dance music, or mariachi music. Depending on what mood you want, you can find a playlist that will fit all your office party needs!

The most important part of this party is the food! You cannot forget to get everyone involved in a potluck! Mexican food is the perfect theme with the most perfect munchie food options. My personal favorites to include: nachos, street tacos, spicy rice, chips and salsa, chips and queso, taquitos, taco salad, and the list goes on. Each one is super simple to make while also being mega delicious. Well deserved for a work lunch, I think.

Lastly, the most important part of a low key Cinco De Mayo office party: Have fun! Enjoy the company of your coworkers, let go of your dietary restrictions for just this one day, and go home wishing Matt hadn’t broke the piñata on the first try…

Happy low key partying!