15823045_364908680551599_5146007774734957771_nIt’s a bittersweet week for us here at The Second Floor. Today, the first batch of students of Array School of Technology & Design are leaving us and going out into the world.


So, first and foremost: Congratulations, Array Students!!!



(Actual footage* of The Second Floor celebrating this morning in Cheyenne**)


We couldn’t be more proud of these students, or of the school’s faculty. It takes real vision to imagine a project like this, and it takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to make that vision a reality. But the Array team has done just that. Four students out of seven have already landed jobs (before even officially graduating!), and the rest have been bustling from interview to interview this week.


We will certainly miss having this batch of awesome people around, but we are so excited to hear what wonderful things they go on to accomplish, and we can’t wait to meet the next wonderful class of Array students (classes start in June).


Yay for Array!!


*not actual footage

**also not Cheyenne, or the Second Floor, but this is how we are feeling in our hearts and minds, so that counts, right?