I hope your day is going well! I’ve had a week that has just driven me crazy! Between hectic schedules at work and the constant barrage of negativity on the news and social media, I feel totally drained. It made me reminisce about “the good ol’ days” when these concerns weren’t constantly weighing on our minds.

Remember as a kid running through your day without a care until you collapsed into a blissful sleep that lasted through the night? And then you’d wake up and do it all over again? Oh yes, those days were easy living! But its not the past that holds the key to letting go. Its the “age”. Kids nowadays still know how to enjoy the moment and live each day to its fullest potential. The great part for us as adults is that our kid-selves are still alive and well within us. You just have to let ’em out!

I can hear you all now… “I am a responsible adult now, doing very adulty things, and simply can not go back to my carefree, non-adulting self.” Um, YES YOU CAN! Well, how, you say? Just think back to the rules that governed your kid-self and implement them in your current day-to-day habits. Don’t remember where to start? Then I’ve got a list going just for you…


Rules Your Kid-Self Would Always Follow

  • Forgive quickly and without grudges. Then move on.
  • Enjoy yourself. It is a choice that you can make throughout your day so you should make it a priority. Like the dwarves said: “Whistle while you work”.
  • Have fun. Make sure to build in time for play. You require time for relaxing so give yourself permission to do so.
  • Be open to your creative side. Don’t overthink it, just express it. You will (most likely) judge yourself more harshly than any other being on this planet would.
  • Pursue your passions with unbridled enthusiasm. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer when you want ‘Yes’.
  • Speak the truth. Remove judgement from the conversation.
  • Don’t get caught up in the B.S. Keep your focus on your universe and what’s impacting YOU, not others’ lives and their actions.
  • Enjoy the rain and snow. Adults spend their time complaining about the weather while kids look forward to jumping in puddles and watching the snow fall. Look forward to the little things.
  • Ride a bike. Just because you can.
  • Turn your phone off and engross yourself with the task at hand. Remember how we all survived without cell phones 20 years ago?
  • Shine bright. Don’t be anything but yourself, even if it seems people might not accept you as you are. Be true to who you are.
  • Let it out. Whether its a whoop, a dance, a tear, or a scream. Bottling up your emotions will lead to frustration and major blow ups. Being honest with your emotions and confronting them daily will relieve a ton of stress.

What do you think? Completely doable, huh? When in doubt, simply ask yourself WWMKSD (what would my kid-self do)? Just by taking a breather to remove yourself from the immediate moment to rearrange your thought process, you’re already making a connection with you inner kid. Just keep going from there. One step at a time.




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