I have to admit, my experience with traditional office environments is fairly limited.

In college, I interned in a newsroom, and right after graduation I interned with a magazine. I was extremely fortunate to have great coworkers in both settings, but I must admit, I did not love cubicle life. Something about the sterility of those flimsy carpeted walls drove me out of the office and into the world of professional cooking. I loved the movement and the heat and the informality of the kitchen setting almost as much as I detested the muffled formality of the traditional office.

Now that I find myself spending time on The Second Floor each day, however, I wonder what path I might have followed if those initial office environments had been, well, more like coworking.

I like to think of coworking as the perfect hybrid of the structured office environment and the informality of working at home in your pjs. During my transition from journalist to cook, I did a short spat of freelance work from my apartment. It was liberating, for sure, but also isolating and uninspiring. Coworking, however, gives you the style and informality of a coffeehouse environment, with the amenities of an office (read: fun people to chat with and a kitchen to mingle in). You make your schedule, you structure your work flow, but you still have a great network of people you can look forward to seeing each day and a cool space where work is work and home is home.

I know coworking is still a relatively new concept here in Cheyenne, but if you think it is something that might work well for you, I encourage you to come check us out. We offer free day passes for prospective new members, and are more than happy to give tours of our awesome historic building.

Come check us out!