Hello there!

I got curious today and decided to poke around Twitter for some laughs and, since I was at work (and no one at work ever gets on social media unless its 100% work related… ahem), I went ahead and looked for coworking fails. I wanted some legendary break room meltdowns or the most inconsiderate deskmate with his grubby feet on your laptop… I dunno! Something terrible and hilarious. But guess what? There were only a handful of negative tweets. And they were from YEARS ago…

This led me to a great “Eureka!!” moment – there aren’t a lot of failures in coworking! And, deep down, I already knew that. Coworking is fantastic! Why would there be any epic letdowns?! (I know, I know. I’m a cheerleader for this cause. I just can’t help myself!)

I began this post in search of a chuckle at another’s expense and ended being totally reaffirmed of coworking’s mighty awesome-ness! What a great world we live in! Thank you, Universe!

Here are a few of the best (and worst) coworking tweets I found… Enjoy!

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