Do you have awesome ideas? I think most of us are prone to moments of brilliance, right? Even if its not an everyday thing. Unfortunately my truly fantastic ideas come to me while I’m driving, or in the shower, or when I’m dreaming… basically all of the times that I am unable to act on them!

Now, I do have a pile of post-it notes/napkins/gum wrappers/junk mail envelopes/receipts that have hastily scribbled ideas on them from one of these “heat of the moment inspiration sessions”. My husband is totally used to me springing awake and writing down something random and then falling back asleep. Poor guy.

Every now and again I will go back and re-read them all, throw out the totally weird ideas (honestly, what was I thinking? have you seen that one episode of Seinfeld where Jerry writes down the idea from his dream? It’s exactly like that…), and then fantasize about implementing one or two of the decent ideas and becoming wildly successful.

But thats usually as far as it goes. This dreaming doesn’t really turn into anything concrete. I saw the pile of notes yesterday when I was rooting through my craft room and got a new spurt of get-up-and-go and have decided that I needed to take action! So I asked myself (and really, I asked Google) how can I be better about implementing my “genius” ideas. Here is what I’ve turn up…


  • First – make sure that you absolutely LOVE your idea and want to spend all of your waking time and effort to get it off the ground
  • Get some friends together and crowd source opinions on the benefits of your innovative idea and how to best implement it. Is this an online venture or should it be an actual store front?
  • Prepare for failure. Nay! Expect it! Overcoming the roadblocks and unexpected hurdles that pop up is a huge part of becoming a successful business. Ask anyone.
  • Start small and where you can. As in, find out what you can do today that will help launch your genius idea. Just a small step. Add bigger steps on from there and BOOM! You’ll be in business without losing your mind at the same time.
  • Let your vision grow and evolve. You might have started just wanting to make cool Star Wars themed t-shirts for your friends, but don’t be afraid to venture into other arenas to keep your product relevant (however Star Wars will always be relevant so maybe that was a bad example).
  • Count your money and find extra income wherever you can. It is expensive to launch a product or business so the more resources you have, the better! There are a ton of grants available for new businesses as long as you are prepared to spend the time researching and applying.
  • Find the experts. Get a lawyer to set up something that will protect your assets. Hire a part time book keeper to do your taxes so you don’t end up owing a huge amount come April. Find a marketing guru that can get your website up and running. Whatever your personal weakness might be, find a professional to fill in the blanks.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.Whether you need to make a business plan or are looking for grants, there are local organizations that exist strictly to provide assistance and help to entrepreneurs. Here in Wyoming we have the Wyoming Business Council, Small Business Development Center, Manufacturing Works, SCORE, and the list goes on and on. Check on whats offered in your state!
  • Network. Make connections. Find friends or businesses to partner with. It is very risky to start a business on your own and by using the combined expertise of your partners it will be easier to succeed. Teamwork people! Plus they can also give great feedback on new ideas, ways to implement them, etc. to keep your genius growing.
  • Don’t lose sight of what made you want to start this endeavor. Your passion for your genius idea is the best fuel you can find. Its the little joys that will keep you going during an all-night session of production or a particularly frustrating afternoon of SEO.



Thank you for stopping by The Blog @ The Second Floor. I hope this can help launch your amazing idea into reality. Remember: keep your head up and don’t let the haters get you down! You know your idea is rad so stick with it. As always, I’ll have more content coming to ya next week so stay awesome and check back with us then! Please take a moment and like The Second Floor @ The Paramount on Facebook and follow @paramountsecondfloor on Instagram. Thanks! Have a fantastic day!