The air is crisp and the leaves are falling… that means Halloween is right around the corner! Dressing up might be commonplace for some, but for those of us who don’t go all out for our local comic expo, we relish this time of year. Planning for months, sewing for weeks, and then all of a sudden its time to go out on the town as your alter ego for a night! Since Halloween is on a Monday this year, its even better… You can draw out the fun and dress up for work too! I found some great inspiration all over the internet, but here are our favorite costumes that can totally be SFW and super awesome for the evening as well. Enjoy!


From Day to Night – SFW Halloween Costumes


The Solar System

We’d wear this galaxy dress any day!

The Solar System


Sputnik and Laika

Except this time Laika can survive the journey…

Sputnik and Laika


Taco Belle

Two passions combined: Disney Movies & Tacos!


 Duck Hunt

The OG gamer cosplay



When you don’t want to deal with doing your make-up…


 Firefox Logo

Furries, anyone?


Rubik’s Cube

“Can I solve you?”

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece in the classiest way possible

 Hermione Granger

Who doesn’t love our favorite bushy-haired witch?!


Jack Skellington

A classic. Nuff said.



Bonus points if you get a friend to be Luigi


Darla from Finding Nemo

The craziest little fish killer brought to you by Pixar


 AT-AT Walker

Cause your pup needs a costume too!





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