My name is Rachael Ratliff and I am one of our community coordinators here on the Second Floor. Along with other crucial duties including, but not limited to: making coffee, signing up fabulous new members, giving tours of our awesome space, and more coffee (did I mention coffee?), I will be taking over some of the blogging duties here on our website.


So, it seems prudent that I tell you a bit about myself.


I grew up on a ranch in central/eastern Texas. That’s one of the pretty parts, with lots of trees, and rolling hills – just in case you are one of those people who thinks the entire state is some barren blend of No Country for Old Men and Giant (both of which are great movies, by the way). In college, I studied Journalism and Anthropology. I worked briefly as a journalist after graduation, but then somehow found myself in the world of professional cooking. It’s a long story that involves a cubicle, a recession, and discovering a new passion that would take me so many places I had never imagined living or working.


Since then, I’ve lived all over the US, and even in the Caribbean for a short time. My husband and I moved to Cheyenne last May, and we are loving it so far. Getting back out West had been a goal of ours for some time, and it feels great to be able to trot out to Curt Gowdy State Park or Medicine Bow after work for a quick trail run, or bike ride, or some cross-country skiing.


I also sell bread and pastries at the farmers’ market here in town, but working at the Second Floor is such a great opportunity to meet some of Cheyenne’s most interesting and engaging fellow citizens. As a bit of a newbie here in town, I must say, I am so excited about the energy I feel downtown. There are so many people who are passionate about building a thriving community here in our little city center, and The Paramount feels like a hub of that energy.


In short, I am so excited to be here, and am looking forward to meeting even more of Cheyenne’s entrepreneurs, students, writers, freelancers, and small-business owners. If there are any topics you would like to see us post about here on the blog, please do not hesitate to stop by the front desk, or shoot us an email.