If you have been up to The Second Floor @ the Paramount within the past year, we have probably met. If not, my name is Stacy Koch. I am the Community Coordinator & Building Manager for The Second Floor and the Majestic Building (our sister building with a pretty cool 110 year old elevator). Since Conroy has left us for adventures on the East Coast, I will be taking over the blog – a task I have successfully managed to avoid up until now.

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself at this point.

I grew up all over the eastern side of the Mississippi – Virginia, Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Ohio. I spent my teenage and early adult years in southeast Wisconsin, the land of cheese & beer (oh, and the Packers, but who cares about them?). My husband and I both have always wanted to live in Colorado, so when a job presented itself out here a couple of years ago, we jumped on that opportunity. When looking for a place to live that was affordable and had a good community to raise our kids in, we stumbled upon Cheyenne, WY.  While I never imagined I would say that I live in Cheyenne, WY, I am glad we moved here. There is so much about Cheyenne to fall in love with, and I continue to find more the longer we are here.

One of the things I love about Cheyenne is it’s history. Working here at the Paramount Building allows me to work in a fantastic historical building around a bunch of forward thinking people with great coffee and cocktails! Also, I work in the heart of downtown where all the cool things happen (which has its perks!)!

If you are visiting the Paramount Building, I hope you stop upstairs to The Second Floor and say hi!