Hi guys, I wanted to introduce myself since I will be taking over the blog for a few months. My name is Sami and I’ll be at The Second Floor on Monday and Wednesday afternoons! Some of you may remember me from working downstairs in the Cafe for about a year so please say hi, I may remember your drink order.

Currently you can see me at the lovely desk or at the Paramount Ballroom serving amazing cocktails and food! Let’s just say I can’t get enough of the Paramount! I will be leaving in June, unfortunately, to pursue a degree in forensic pathology at UW! Now that makes me sound really smart but rest-assured I still call my mom to figure out how to soft boil eggs!

I really love animals, and for those of you who don’t know (it’s kind of a big deal) I’m obsessed with cats. More specifically my cats, Butters, a one eyed flame point siamese, and Oliver, a tabby mix. As much as I love cats I also have two dogs, Castiel, a blue-heeler pit mix, and Olivia, a tri-color corgi. If you love animals too, I do enjoy showing pictures of my furbabies to anyone! Also for those who bring a dog to work, expect for me to attack them with happiness.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait to eventually meet all of you!