Have you ever had to work above a coffee shop? Let me tell you, it’s hard, especially working above the reigning champion of best coffee shops in Cheyenne (which is what we have to do here at The Second Floor). Smelling the coffee smelly smells wafting up the stairs everyday is really hard. Hearing them call out those mega delicious drinks and salivating at the thought of an iced 20oz Casa Bonita topped with whipped cream and honey drizzle is hard. [Fun fact of the day: Did you know coffee was invented because of dancing goats? You didn’t? Really? That’s outrageous! Google it, and you’re welcome.] Do you know what’s not hard?

Tea. Tea is easy.

Sure we have delectable teas and Paramount coffee at your disposal in the break room, but none of them quite kick the 3 o’clock hump you find yourself in almost every Monday and Friday in the same way that Yerba Mate will. Usually the first question about Yerba Mate is, what is it? It’s a tea made from dried leaves of an Evergreen Holly, found in the wondrous land of South America. It’s best described as a grassy taste similar to green tea but it definitely is NOT green tea, it’s in it’s own tea category.

Now let’s get to the benefits of Yerba Mate and why it could (and maybe should) replace your daily cup(s) of coffee. Yerba Mate gives you the caffeine energy (yes it still contains caffeine) more smoothly, without the crash. SAY WHAAAA??!! It’s like a rollercoaster that’s flat, keeps going at a steady rate, and doesn’t end for a very, very, very long time. Rather than the coffee rollercoaster that jerks you up that really high ramp and to the other side, going at a slightly dangerous speed, and then stopping immediately after you get down that awful slope. The best part is Yerba Mate won’t effect your sleep like coffee does and most importantly no jitters.

This super tea is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drink tea when you’re sick? Great, the best tea to drink when your sick? Yerba Mate. Why? Antioxidants. It has high compounds of saponins (this part coming up I totally googled because who the heck knows what a saponin is??). Saponins are natural emulsifiers that boost the immune system and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Leslie Taylor has a book, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs. In that book she lists other many uses of Yerba Mate which include: It’s a digestive aid. Can be used as part of a weight loss plan. Is great as a general nerve tonic for pain, fatigue, and depression. As well as help cure annoying illnesses such as allergies. How can a dried leaf do so much? Magic.

Now why am I turning you off of coffee? I’m not. I’m just offering another great option to get over the 3 o’clock hump in case you have issues going to sleep when you drink that last cup of coffee.

Have you every tried a Super Sayain? Well that’s made with Yerba Mate. For us nerds out there, does it make sense why the drink is called the Super Sayain? It makes you feel so powerful, like a Super Sayain. Just sayin. So keep going down to the Café for your energy and food needs, and try to come up with your own Yerba Mate concoction.

Happy tasting!