Now that I just told you to keep your eyes off the social media rampage, let’s explore the ideas on how to use social media (remember my tips from before if you’re an addict, or maybe you just shouldn’t read this at all) to help promote your job, work events, and even run surveys to see what your customer really wants. Who doesn’t know that the times are turning to technology? In order to keep your business successful, it seems that becoming a part of the technology times is a must. From Facebook updates to promoting new merchandise on Instagram, when your business name gets Googled what does your customer first see? Is it appealing and well versed or just thrown together hoping for the best?

Who’s your target audience? Different social media platforms have different audiences, yes it’s true. Facebook is for your “to the point but curious” customer. The ones who want to know what’s going on in their community but also doesn’t want to be streaming through a million Twitter feeds. Facebook is a perfect way to promote events going on in your community and keep up with the new assets your business provides. When creating events on Facebook not only is it convenient for your customer, but it’s an ease on you. You can see who is planning to attend the event, giving you the ability to prepare for the amount of people, well as the the capability to morph your event to the audience coming.

What says a thousand words? A person…. but also a picture. Instagram is the perfect way to display to the online community what your business does. You can do this in a silly or serious way depending on the mood your business has. Either way you have to make sure you have fun. If you’re promoting a new product make sure to sound like you’re excited about it, and don’t sound like you’re just trying to get sales (though that’s the whole point of a business). Customers enjoy the genuine feeling of the posts and the thought that you have great products without talking your bum off trying to convince them they’re great products. Make sure when you post a picture the lighting is good, the environment is nice and tidy, and that it has relevance to your business. Pictures taken in dark, dirty, and irrelevant ways do not appeal to your customer. Would you want to go to a restaurant that displays their food on dirty plates, with dirty tables, and poor lighting that you cant tell if that sandwich has micro-greens or mold…

Want to know what your customers think the next featured cocktail for your lounge should be? Twitter is there for you. The perfect platform for you to post surveys and have people vote for what they really want. Not only will that make them happy if their choice wins, but then they’re more involved in your business. What customer doesn’t enjoy when their voice is heard? Also it takes a load off your shoulders if you can’t decide between this or that.

There are obviously other social media platforms for you to promote your business on, but these are the top ones to get your feet wet until you feel comfortable running five to six different accounts (or you have the finances to hire someone to do it for you)!

Happy social media-ing to promote your business!