Alanna blog

Hey everyone! Meet Alanna Larson. Alanna is another one of the super cool people who work at Language I/O (this company just has a lot of cool people at it, you should check them out).

Alanna comes from Minnesota originally, but she moved to Laramie in 2010 (because our awesome schools are less expensive.) She loves the perfect summer weather here, and the lack of bugs – in Minnesota the mosquitos eat people alive the second they walk out the door! Alanna’s love of summer weather is probably what prompted her to live in a truck camper this past summer. (How cool is that?!)

In addition to perfect summer weather, Alanna also likes to draw, read sci-fi/fantasy, and play the ukulele. Her love for fantasy books as a kid prompted her desire to perform magic (don’t we all dream of that?). The difference between her and us is that she figured out how to perform magic as her career. Alanna describes programming as, “…the closest thing I could find [to magic] – you have all these weird incantations that make no sense at first, but if you say them correctly you can make just about anything happen; from talking to people across the world, to creating moving pictures, [or] even sending people into space. Of course if you say them incorrectly you break everything, but that can add to the excitement. It’s a really creative process and you get to spend your days solving puzzles, which is awesome.”  (See-magic!)
In the future she is looking forward to working on interdisciplinary problems – like how AI and linguistics can work together to help people communicate, for example. This is part of why she thinks working at Language I/O is so awesome – she has the perfect opportunity to delve into that area.
Alanna finds The Second Floor pretty cool because, “… if I need a change of scenery [from her private office space] there’s a bunch of cool nooks to spend time in, and you’re surrounded by people working on a variety of interesting projects. Plus I could probably live off of tea and popcorn, so having a bottomless supply of those is pretty exciting.”
Bottomless tea and popcorn is pretty exciting Alanna! We are super glad you joined our space.