Meet Craig Boal, one of our newest members here at The Second Floor:
Craig Blog
Craig grew up in Evanston, Wyoming – so right before the Utah border off I-80. After graduation he headed off to the University of Wyoming and obtained a degree in Computer Science. Once he was done with school, he moved to Cheyenne, WY to start his software development career. He went from OCI to Sierra Trading Post and landed at Language I/O as the Director of Software Development, where he is able to focus more on the coding aspect of his career, which seems to be his favorite part.
– We tend to think coding is pretty cool too Craig!
Craig says, “It is really exciting to be able to work for an innovative local startup that provides localization functionality in Customer Relation Management software such as Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud. Language I/O provides easy integrated access to a vast network of human and machine translators so customer service agents can effectively communicate in their customers’ native language.”
 – So, if I am understanding correctly, you connect customer service software with linguists that translates content so that companies do not need to access a separate translator service and it seamlessly works within their current customer service software? Yup, I’m still a little confused too.
Besides coding he loves to wakeboard and snowboard. (It looks like he was pretty good too! Check him out here.) After he had his son, those hobbies took a back seat and were replaced with fly fishing (seems a little safer for you, Craig. We’d like to keep you around). He also enjoys board games and playing cards.
According to Craig, Cheyenne is a great place to raise a family. It is big enough for most anything his family needs but not so big as to drive someone crazy. It is also in a convenient location with relatively easy access to wakeboarding, snowboarding, fly fishing, an international airport, and it doesn’t have soul crushing traffic.
– We love the lack of traffic too.
Craig and Language I/O recently joined our wonderful space and we love having them around. It sounds like Craig likes it too, because when asked about how he utilizes our space, he said, “I am ecstatic with [the] vibe and fun features of the Second Floor at the Paramount. It is unlike any office space I have seen in Cheyenne, and it is perfect for the type of company that Language I/O is. The energy the space provides melds flawlessly with the goals and excitement we have working at Language I/O. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”
We cannot wait to see what the future holds for the both of us!