Next up in our Member Spotlight Series is Danica Mrozinsky!


Danica is a photographer, photo editor, and owner of Alternative Workflow, a company that provides editing, retouching and photo design for professional photographers.

A self-titled “army brat,” Danica grew up all over the place, but she considers Rapid City, SD her hometown. She studied Photographic Communications at Northwest College in Powell, WY. After graduation, she headed to Brooklyn, NY where she wore many hats, working as a photo assistant, an editor, and an in-house photographer/retoucher.

“I built a good network there and when we relocated for my husband to do his Master’s in 2013, I figured out that I could still keep a lot of those connections and jobs by working remotely,” she says. “Thanks technology!!!”

Danica still loves being the photographer for a project, but she has found that she loves helping photographers even more. Her company, Alternative Workflow, allows her to do just that. She does photo editing, retouching and album design for professional photographers. Though much of her business involves working remotely with wedding photographers, she also frequently works on-site with fashion and commercial photographers.

“I’ve been slowly growing out of just being a “freelancer” into running a more focused business,” she says. “I am currently growing my business in a direction where I can help freelance workers like myself and connect them with photographers who need help with their post-production. So many photographers are running businesses that can’t sustain an employee but they’re uncomfortable with outsourcing their work to a stranger. My real goal is to bridge that gap for people by essentially bringing personal connection into the equation without the financial burden of having an employee.”

And, not only does Alternative Workflow help photographers, it also helps freelancers make connections to the jobs they want but are unable to get because of because of where they live.

“Helping someone build a successful business is really what gets me excited about what I do.”

Danica moved to Cheyenne in November of 2015 and immediately started looking for affordable office space. Serendipitously, The Second Floor opened a few months later.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better set up,” she says. “The Second Floor not only allows me to work from a beautiful space but connects me to a wonderful community. As fun as it sounds to “work from home,” some days are anything but fun or productive. Some days you just need to get away from your living space and go to a place where there is creative and productive energy in the air. I have a dedicated desk space membership which is perfect for me because I don’t have to set up my work space (monitor, hard drives, etc) every time I sit down to get some work done. Also I have an excellent view from the 3rd floor front windows!”

Danica travels a lot for work, which she loves, but when she is home, she enjoys volunteering with Black Dog Animal Rescue, hanging out with her two feline “fur children,” doing yoga, knitting, and hitting up the local farmers’ market.

“My friends say I’m the youngest old lady they know,” she says. “That being said, I love going for adventures in the mountains, hitting up a good brunch, and having a pint at one of the local breweries too!”

Thanks, Danica!

We couldn’t be happier to have you here!