Picking up with some of our newer members, let me introduce you to Gabriel Kaufhold.


Gabriel is the owner of Design the World, which is a small company (himself and his partner) that handles graphic design, web design, and marketing, and operates out of The Second Floor. They primarily focus on small – mid sized companies with a strong priority of helping the community they work in.

“We do like to support our community, and in order to do that we like to donate one website every 60 days to a non-profit or small business that’s in need. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of Cheyenne’s non-profits and we’re always excited to meet new ones.”

Gabe uses The Second Floor as a professional place to put his best foot forward with his clients.

“Paramount’s Second Floor has offered a wonderful space for meetings and follow-ups. Since I work remotely with most of our clients, having a physical location that I could rely on for impromptu meetings has been integral to our success.

Whenever we’re working with a new client or an especially large client, I’m careful to schedule our first in-person meeting at the Second Floor. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say first impressions are the most important aspect of most fields, and having a professional space available to you whenever you need it is a god send.
Everything about the Second Floor is professional and we’re excited to be a member. “
<<We are really excited he is a member here too!>>>
In addition to being one of Cheyenne’s awesome entrepreneurs, Gabe enjoys reading and collecting books. He says, “I’ve got a few wonderful first editions hanging around, and far more old paper backs of some real great classics.”
Gabe, we are glad you moved to Cheyenne seven years ago. You are a great addition to our community!