We have another member spotlight for you this week. Meet Jaime Davis.


Jaime relocated to Wyoming in 2014 from Boise, Idaho with her husband, Joshua. This Alaskan native ended up purchasing a little house on a corner lot with beautiful trees, and adopted two dogs: Elijah, a pit bull, boxer mix; and Lily, a black lab, shepherd mix. Jaime enjoys music and the arts in addition to her full time job in the field of education.

“I enjoy music and the arts, and was recently gifted a piano. I used to play, and even taught lessons for several years, so I’m thrilled to have music back in my home! In my spare time, I can be found in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces for friends and family to enjoy.”

<<<< We think she should start sharing her culinary masterpieces with the rest of us!!>>>>

Jaime utilizes our wonderful space at The Second Floor first for her “day job”, a role with the Center for Excellence in Higher Education (CEHE) where she oversees academic operations, curriculum development, and student outcomes for sixteen campuses in five of the western states. In addition, she uses the space to house files, manage projects, and maintain a business environment separate from her house.

In addition to her day job, she also is the President of Beacon Harbor Services, an organization that offers speaking and training services for organizations across the country in areas related to leadership, customer service and retention, and conflict resolution.

She says “The benefit [of being at The Second Floor] for me has been four-fold. One, the office space. Two, maintaining a network within my community and building new friendships with other office mates; this has been particularly important for me since my work is often out of town and I don’t have the same opportunities to connect within my community during the work week. Three, collaboration on projects for my “side business”, including idea generation regarding business name, setup, logo, website, and other details. Four, the use of the conference rooms for meetings when needed, including board meetings for two local charities I serve with. I love the camaraderie and support of my Second Floor friends!”

<<Jaime, we think you are awesome and we are glad to have you as part of the community!>>