Let’s welcome our newest member to the Second Floor, Justine Whitacre! We’re excited to have her here and to share her story with all of you!

Justine was born and raised in Southern California. After joining the Navy in 1999, she moved away from Cali in 2000 and found herself residing in Virginia from 2000-2014. She left active duty for the reserves and took on the ever so fun job of EMS. Then in 2014 she was offered a position here in our great state of Wyoming.

So why leave the east coast for the good WYO? Well Justine says, “I took it because as a teenager I spent time in Wyoming during camping trips, and truly grew to love the state. I like living in Cheyenne because it’s a good mix of small town and big city. It provides a slower pace of life with all the amenities that someone who grew up in Southern California craves on the regular (with the exception of the beach and Disneyland).”

Let’s find out more about what Justine does and what she loves about it, shall we?

Currently, Justine is the Associate Director of Program Services for Overture. What is Overture you ask? Well, we have the answer for you and no, it has nothing to do with Beethoven and his music. Overture is a company operating out of Colorado since 1969; it serves the developmentally disabled, assists them in gaining everyday living skills, and becoming as independent as they are able. Justine came on board with Overture in October 2017 in order to help them expand their service’s region to southeast Wyoming. With the expansion into Wyoming, Overture hopes to serve as many people with disabilities in the community as they can. The company’s primary goals are to always help individuals live rewarding lives independently and with dignity.

“The best part of working for Overture is the positive atmosphere promoted by all staff members,” she says, “as well as the benefits of helping others live out their goals in life.”

How can the Second Floor help Overture and Justine reach their goals? Well let’s hear it from Justine herself, “we will be utilizing the Second Floor space primarily for an admin office for Wyoming operations of Overture. We also hope to meet new people, network, and be a part of a work environment that is fun, uplifting, and positive for all.”

Thanks Justine and Overture for letting us be a part of such a great company!