Welcome back to our Member Spotlight series here on the blog.

Next up we have Kevin Alizadeh!


Kevin joined us here on The Second Floor shortly after we opened (a little over a year ago!) and is a great example of how useful the space can be for those of us who have a variety of projects going on at any given time.

Kevin grew up in New Jersey, but moved out west to Colorado as a high schooler. He has lived in Cheyenne for five years now. Formally trained as a chiropractor, Kevin initially moved here to open his own chiropractor business. Life has since taken him in another direction, though, and now he runs his own holding company, which primarily invests in public investments, as well as some real estate. Apparently he is a born businessman, because he has been running his own show since he was nine, when he got his start buying and selling sports trading cards!

Kevin primarily uses The Second Floor as a space to do research public investments, but he also enjoys reading, learning about novel markets and technologies such a bitcoin, business blockchain apps, and ethereum. So, if you have any questions about investments (or if you had to google blockchain and ethereum, as I did!), Kevin is the one you want to talk to. And really, he is a joy to chat with about just about anything. In his own words, Kevin enjoys “being open to serendipity in densely populated locations, [and] consciousness work (it’s a inside job).”

Thanks for sharing with us, Kevin! We are so happy to have you as a member of our awesome community!