Meet Matt Cook – another awesome addition to The Second Floor from Language I/O (and the last one from that company that works out of our office space)

Cook, Matt


Matt is not a man of many words, except when he is writing articles for the Wyoming Business Report (check out his article in the February 2018 addition). The lack of words means he did not give me a ton to go on to introduce you to him.

The basics are that he moved to Cheyenne about 3 months ago to reduce his commute from Laramie (and possible death from driving on I-80), which we completely understand. Matt is originally from La Grande, Oregon. I have no clue why he moved to Wyoming, but you should definitely ask him! His hobbies include reading, board/tabletop games, and riding my bike at a leisurely pace (no bike racing for him).

As state above, he works for Language I/O, but he started in Software Development by helping a post-graduate Botany researcher at the University of Wyoming to rewrite some simulation software. Matt really dug into developing software at Language I/O though. He enjoys working there because the laid-back, yet driven culture allows him to express some creativity in the way he writes code, while providing enough structure to keep him from wandering too far down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole is fun Matt, you should go down it every once in a while!!

Matt didn’t tell me how he uses the coworking space, but from talking to him and observing his patterns, I believe it is primarily for our never-ending water machine & coffee. He stops by for hot water and cold water multiple times a day, and on occasion he stops by for coffee, beer, or ping pong. We like having him around though!

Make sure to say hi when you see him & maybe ask him what his favorite board game is or why he moved to Wyoming!