This week we are featuring Stacey Obrecht!


Stacey is one of our newest members here on The Second Floor, and we are so excited to welcome her to our community!

Stacey was born in Colorado, but she moved to Cheyenne at the age of two. She grew up here, moved away, and swore she would never move back. But here she is!

“My husband and I moved back here almost 10 years ago now and its been a wonderful transition ‘back home,'” she says. “I even bought my childhood home!” 

Stacey is a licensed attorney, but she does not currently practice. Instead, she is a Management Consultant and Marketing Director for a national consulting firm called Public Knowledge.

“We all live in various places and travel some and work remotely some. We provide planning, procurement, and implementation services for government agencies and non-profits,” she says. “My work is mainly in organizational development and project management, and I do a large amount of work in policy and program work in the child welfare program arena. I love the variety of my work – it changes every day! New projects, new clients, new states, new programs. And I work with the most amazing and talented 45 people I’ve ever met. And because I like a challenge, this is the work for me. It’s never dull.”

Stacey characterizes herself as a lifelong learner, both personally and professionally. “I have lots of funny stories about hobbies and random career paths (or potential career paths),” she says. “I’ll leave these stories for another day.”

I guess it’s up to us to drag some of those stories out of her when we see her in the break room!

Stacey’s main hobbies are music and musical theatre. She sings with the Laramie County Community College choir as a community member, and plays multiple instruments. She is also a volunteer with Cheyenne Little Theater Players from time to time. “This is where my heart sings,” she says.

She also loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking, cross country skiing, camping and backpacking. And she loves to garden – “both flowers and vegetables, however there never seems to be enough time in the day for me to keep up with it!”

Stacey is married with three children. “One is an exchange student we can’t imagine not being part of our family forever and she is in college now,” Stacey says, “and two boys ages 6 and 9.” The family also has two dogs and another puppy on the way. 

When Stacey isn’t traveling to work with clients, or working with clients locally, she typically works from home.

“Most days this is a wonderful balance to the bustle of traveling and work meetings in other states,” she says, “but I’m a naturally social person and like change, so working in another location now and again is a welcome respite.”

Stacey used to do what she calls “the coffee shop rotation,” where she would move from one coffee shop to another throughout the week, but the in-and-out was distracting. “Having quiet space that is warm and inviting is a great option for me a few days a week,” she says. “And let’s face it – you had me at coffee!” 

Welcome Stacey! We are so happy to have you here with us!