We are so excited to Feature Taylor Boykin in our Member Spotlight Series this week!


Taylor is a recent graduate from Array School of Technology and Design, which is also a part of our Second Floor community, so we’ve enjoyed having him in our space for several months now and we are delighted that he decided to stay on as a member with us!

Taylor was born and raised in Cheyenne. He graduated from high school in 2014 and attended the University of Wyoming for a while, but he eventually came back home.  

“I had no real direction in life, and had a difficult time finding a job,” he says. “Array happened to pop up at the right time, and I went to open house on a whim (‘whim’ meaning I was badgered into it by my family). I was immediately enamored with Array, despite never working with any code before.”

Since working with code was something Taylor had not done before, he was surprised by how much he enjoyed it. “Like art, code is a bottomless well of learning,” he says, “but it has a more concrete feeling. You can explain exactly what it is you’ve learned, whereas with art you just do things after a while, because it’s all based on observation and taste.”

As a recent grad, Taylor has just re-entered the job market, so there are a number of directions in which he can make his next move.

“At the moment, I’d like to get a job, most preferably in advertisement, but long-term, I really want to be a creative director in some kind of game development team or animation studio,” he says. “I’ve got stories I’d like to tell.”

Like so many of our members, Taylor has the option of working from home, but The Second Floor is a place where he can get away from the distractions of home and really focus.

“I have great resources here,” he says, “Primarily ET and Josh at Array, but really it’s a huge benefit to be around all the other passionate people here.”

Thank you, Taylor! We love having you (and of course Amos, the famous pug) here!