Do you know what’s the worst holiday in my opinion? Mother’s Day. Why? Because there’s nothing a gift can buy that will make up for all the crap your mom has helped you through. But, let’s try to keep positive here and think of things you can get, or even create to make this holiday special. Also, I know you’ve all been super busy working through the week, and boy have you guys drank a lot of coffee because of it (and we hope to see you at Karaoke to help relieve more stress!). So here’s so options that you can get quickly before the big day.

Now there’s a few things you must ask yourself before deciding on what to get. What’s your price range, what are you willing to do, and what does she REALLY like. Sure flowers and a card made her cry last year, and the year before, but let’s be honest, Hallmark did all the work for those tears.

Let’s start with your price range. $10-$20? $20-$50? $50-$100? Or no budget at all? I’ve got some suggestions that can be done in a few hours and within your spending limit. Also, keep in mind the greatest gifts aren’t always expensive, so even if you have the money to spend, it’s what comes from the heart that will really make her happy.

On a budget? The $10-$20 range. What about a “bouquet” of her favorite candies? You can always get large bags of chocolate or candy for a very affordable price, then you just need a vase (perhaps the one she gave you a few years ago when you moved out that you know you’ll never use [or Dollar Tree is super amazing]), and just some kind of sticks to tape the candy to (I recommend going to your favorite Chinese food place and asking for extra extra chop sticks, hopefully they won’t care). Put it all together and shaboom, an affordable gift she’ll never forget.

Do you kind of have money but kinda don’t? The $20-$50 range. Want to do flowers but in a unique way? Go to your local hobby store (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby work) and find those large metal letters. Get some that spell out MOM, LOVE, or if they have shapes a simple heart will do. Go to the fake flower section and get some simple flowers like carnations, sunflowers, and daisies. Also get some of that weird green styrofoam stuff. Cut and shape the green styrofoam into the metal shapes of your choosing. Next cut the stems of the flowers just over two inches and stick them into the foam. There you have a personalized flower arrangement that wont ever die.

Are you in the $50-$100 range? If so this recommendation is for you. A nice, not cheap bottle of wine and new accessories to go with is a good route to take. You of course have to know what wine she prefers, have it be a Claret or a Zinfandel, make sure to get the right one – yes it does matter. You can find some nice wine options close by at the Paramount Ballroom! Then get some wine glass charms for when she has friends over so they know whose glass is which. Perhaps a nicer set of wine glasses would be appreciated for the avid wine drinker. Wine bottle bags are also a necessity and cute wine stoppers will hopefully get her to limit herself to a few glasses (rather than trying to finish the whole bottle so the wine doesn’t go bad), it’s a win-win.

Now for you budget-less folks out there, what does a girl really want? Jewelry, sometimes a kitten, but usually jewelry. Where can you get amazing, unique jewelry in Cheyenne? There’s a cluster of jewelry stores in the Frontier Mall where you can hop around and find yourself the best deal in one place. If you are looking for a more personal touch and want to go local, Teton Jewelers and Bohemian Metals are also great options. Make sure to keep in mind what does your mom really wear? Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, if you aren’t sure, look at some pictures, there should be some hints somewhere. Then give the gift to her over dinner, she will cry, or I will give you a money back guarantee. JK.

Happy craft/shopping!