New or old, I’m sure we all have questions on co-working that we never quite got around to learning or asking. Either by the shame of thinking we should know better, or we keep forgetting. Here are five myths about co-working that hopefully clear any questions that you have! Also if you do have any questions at any time, ask me or Stacy! It might seem silly but I assure you, I have a million questions all the time and I’m sure Stacy would be relieved to get asked a question by anyone but me for once!

Myth #1: Coworking is only for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. First and foremost, co-working is all about the collaboration and community surrounding it. If you own your own business, work from home, or work for a major company, co-working spaces have amenities to accommodate various needs. It’s been a huge movement lately for large companies to allow telecommuters, for example, to work out of office. Why? Because co-working spaces offer companies (large or small, self-started or years strong), an opportunity to explore virtual working options and flexible schedules for its employees.

Myth #2: All co-working spaces are the same. This may come as a bit of a surprise, but co-working spaces are actually very different. Depending on location, ownership, and even the city, co-working environments can not only look but feel like a completely different world, even if they’re right down the street from each other. They cater to the different needs of that area and also the clients they want to attract. Places like The Second Floor get their ideas from observing their surroundings, like seeing so many people working in a cafe, and getting a lightbulb idea of how to help those around us. Look around and find the right co-working space that vibes with you. Although we’d like to think of ourselves as good vibe kings.

Myth #3: Co-working spaces are noisy and distracting. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, most co-working spaces are geared to both. The open space is inviting while also welcoming the collaboration of those in it. Need to think on your own? Don’t want people asking you for help today? There’s some really cool things called, noise canceling headphones. Headphones can give off some serious, “I actually really have to focus today so please don’t bother me” signals. But keep in mind the whole point of co-working is to get together and brainstorm with people with all kinds of backgrounds. At the same time, we also understand when you need your own space.

Myth #4: I can’t work at a co-working space, there’s no room to grow my business. If you’re seeking a co-working space to get out of home or out of the big office, you should have no fret of this. There are those of you though, that are just starting up and want to look for the big picture. A big office, next to a cafe/bakery, and successful enough to make a living but not too much to where you don’t know each of your customers personally. We can appreciate the desire for more and starting small is a good option, but some co-working spaces do have the option of private offices to grow your business into. And of those, there are only a handful (if any) that are above a coffee shop. So if you’re looking to grow your business into a professional setting that you don’t think an open co-working space could give, just keep looking, its here somewhere…

Myth #5: It’s just like renting an office. Though having your own office would be great (as we just talked about), seeing the same people at work everyday can get a little tiring or aggravating when trying to come up with new ideas (don’t lie we’ve all disliked the people we worked with at one point or another). Co-working can give you the office feel, minus (some) distractions, and new faces to spice up your work week. It has the capability of producing ideas to grow your business you may never have been able to dream of kept in an office all day.