Our daily interactions are usually laced with unique occurrences that most of us don’t take the time to notice. I know that I take these moments for granted sometimes. And I usually don’t even realize it – which would be the definition of taking something for granted – but anyways, I digress…

The other day, as I watched our Marketing Director, Bria, show up to work in Polly (her 1967 VW Single Cab – pictured above), it took me a minute to recognize how cool of an act it is. A vehicle that was sitting… rusting… waiting in a dirt lot for DECADES had been bought with pocket change and shown enough love (and $$$) to be transformed into a totally fantastic method of transportation! So freaking awesome!

This is Bria and Jason (her husband/partner in crime) and their two kiddos… Internet, say hello!

Now Bria and Jason are not one of those couples who has millions of dollars sitting in a trust fund so most of the work on their fleet is done with their own hands – and those of the child labor they employ (probably the reason that Sadie looks so pissed in the picture above). They take a machine that has hit rock bottom and transform it into a shining example of vehicular prowess. Its amazing!

So this week I wanted to shine a light on them with an interview about this passion that takes up quite a bit of their free time. If not only to look at the pretty cars, but also because we all need a dose of dedication in our lives… and these people are living examples of that!

When did your love of cars, and VWs especially, begin?

Bria: I grew up with my parent’s restoring vintage British cars.  We owned, drove and showed a 1960 Triumph TR3 during my childhood named Sadi….consequently my daughter’s name happens to be Sadie.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

Jason: I’ve always had a love for cars. My love of VWs started when we got our first one up and running and we got to drive it for the first time.


What makes VWs special?

Bria:  I love all vintage automobiles, but specifically the VWs for the stories they could tell.  They are such a part of Americana and have been onlookers to so many amazing things in history.

Jason: They are unique, frustrating and ridiculously slow, but still so fun to drive.  It’s also great that you can bond with almost anyone over them.

What year did you buy your first VW? What was it? What made it special?

We bought the first one in 2012.  Her name is Penny and she’s a 1973 Campmobile.  We were both working at the same company at the time and I walked over to Jason’s cubicle and told him that I had potentially just bid on (and won) a bus.  I definitely did do that and about a week later we were hauling her back from Salt Lake City.

How many VWs have you owned in total? How many do you own now? Do you want more?

Bria: We have owned 5, and currently own 4 of those 5.  The fifth went to the junkyard this past weekend because it had just been purchased for parts.

Jason: It’s hard to not want more because there is a sense of rescue when you pull one of these neglected storytellers out of a field and bring them back to use.  We are currently out of storage space though, so this will have to be it for now.


What your diamond in the rough/dream VW/the one you couldn’t pass up?

Bria: A VW Thing is on my bucket list, so I will own one someday.

Jason: A barndoor panel van.

Why did you go from just refurbishing VWs to starting the WY Aircooled VW Club? 

Really as a way to give back to the community with this hobby that we love.  Secondly, to meet some other folks in town that love these silly machines as much as we do.


Can you tell me about the food drive and how the club is helping those in need?

We really want to be able to use our hobby to help out the local community so we will be hosting two food drives a year.  A summer event benefitting Needs Inc and a holiday pet food drive benefitting Black Dog Animal Rescue.  We are asking the community to help fill our busses with non-perishables and pet foods for the less fortunate.  At each event we have all the great vintage VWs in the club for people to come check out.

Where can people look to find information on the club and upcoming food drives?   




Photography by Bria Hammock



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