It’s about that time to start decluttering our homes from the busy holidays and gifts that you didn’t particularly want or need. No matter how many times you tell Aunt Marge you have a hairless cat, she insists on giving you a cat comb for each holiday. Now all those five combs are shoved in a drawer that you can’t quite remember even what room it’s in, and are terrified to think about what else you’ve shoved into said mystery drawer.

Where do you begin decluttering mystery drawer(s) and your house all together? Well let’s start with some helpful tips that I learned from the internet!

First, to get clean you must get messy, DUH! Start out with searching every drawer in the house for those darn combs. When found, set them in the middle of the floor in your biggest room. Starting with the clutteriest things, keep going through the room you found the mystery drawer in. No, you don’t need ten pairs of mittens and that really odd cat plate collection your grandma gave you in 1999. Pretty sure she has a cat problem…

Start with the things you haven’t used or even thought of in the last six months. If that doesn’t narrow anything down, get pickier. What’s practical? Do you need that beach chair from when you lived in Florida (yes you want to keep it for that time you MIGHT go to the beach again but even then, don’t you think a new updated chair is in order?). Keep doing this from room to room until you have a nice big pile. If one pile isn’t enough, take it outside (if you have a yard) or into your garage. Just make sure you have a dedicated space so that you don’t confused what you want from what you don’t.

Next, get a collection of trash bags or boxes (which ever is easiest for you and most accessible) and take that stuff out! Make sure to donate what ever possible and not just throw it all away, someone somewhere might need that cat plate collection.

Now! If you want to go on your next vacation, but are bad at saving money, have a yard sale! You can make some pretty good cash if you price things right, advertise, and have a wide variety and broad collection of cat things. Er, I mean just things… and cats. Facebook and the local newspaper are great means of getting the word out on your amazing junk sale. Everyone loves junk, especially when it’s not our own. Just don’t advertise it as junk, that might be a bit of a turn off.

*Extra pro tip* Running out of closet space and you aren’t Kim Kardashian and can’t just extend your closet? Flip your hangers around to where they’re facing away from you. Anytime you take out an article of clothing and put it back, replace the hanger going the right direction. Any hangers left hanging in the wrong direction after six months you should donate! Extra, extra pro tip! Want money for those clothes? Go to Plato’s Closet here in Cheyenne, they’ll buy your clothes and you can use that money to buy more there! Oh wait we don’t need more clothes… shoot.

Now that you know what you’re doing let’s get started cleaning!
Have fun!