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How to: Avoid Social Media at Work (and correspondingly, be more productive)

I’m sure we can all agree that getting through the work day without checking social media is nearly impossible. Unless you don’t have social media – then you are a lucky soul. Being a social media addict, especially at work is just not cool. Here are some tips that I follow to keep my social media curiosity to a minimum at work.

The first, fastest, and easiest way to cut out that Facebook feed is to turn off your notifications. Yes, it is that easy. Out of site out of mind, get it? This way, when you check your phone to see what time it is, you don’t have to see those annoying notifications that just tempt you to open them. Because if you do, you go down a spiral of doom and get trapped in the abyss of Facebook videos.

The second most effective way to get your eyes off that screen is to become more organized! At the beginning of your work day, make a list of everything you need to do and make sure you mark them off as you go. The idea of this is that you’ll be too focused on what needs done that you’ll forget all about Stacy’s cool post on Instagram. Let’s be honest, we get on our phones and scroll social media for the sake of procrastinating or curing boredom. If you use this list to remind you of all the things you need to do to, it will help keep you on track.

Thirdly, the final step in quitting social media during the week is…. log out. Log out and make sure that your password and username is not presaved into the app (because gosh that’s just not safe you’re gunna get hacked). Just think that the extra five to ten seconds it takes for you to type in your info (if you remember it) to log back in is just too much work. It’s always a super annoying task to do so just leave it for when you get off.

Who knows maybe all these tips will make you quit social media all together. But then you’ll never know about the awesome Family Feud compilation of Steve Harvey’s most awkward moments. Well maybe we don’t want to completely quit, but let’s take it down a notch.

Happy not social media-ing!


Mother’s Day!

Do you know what’s the worst holiday in my opinion? Mother’s Day. Why? Because there’s nothing a gift can buy that will make up for all the crap your mom has helped you through. But, let’s try to keep positive here and think of things you can get, or even create to make this holiday special. Also, I know you’ve all been super busy working through the week, and boy have you guys drank a lot of coffee because of it (and we hope to see you at Karaoke to help relieve more stress!). So here’s so options that you can get quickly before the big day.

Now there’s a few things you must ask yourself before deciding on what to get. What’s your price range, what are you willing to do, and what does she REALLY like. Sure flowers and a card made her cry last year, and the year before, but let’s be honest, Hallmark did all the work for those tears.

Let’s start with your price range. $10-$20? $20-$50? $50-$100? Or no budget at all? I’ve got some suggestions that can be done in a few hours and within your spending limit. Also, keep in mind the greatest gifts aren’t always expensive, so even if you have the money to spend, it’s what comes from the heart that will really make her happy.

On a budget? The $10-$20 range. What about a “bouquet” of her favorite candies? You can always get large bags of chocolate or candy for a very affordable price, then you just need a vase (perhaps the one she gave you a few years ago when you moved out that you know you’ll never use [or Dollar Tree is super amazing]), and just some kind of sticks to tape the candy to (I recommend going to your favorite Chinese food place and asking for extra extra chop sticks, hopefully they won’t care). Put it all together and shaboom, an affordable gift she’ll never forget.

Do you kind of have money but kinda don’t? The $20-$50 range. Want to do flowers but in a unique way? Go to your local hobby store (Michael’s or Hobby Lobby work) and find those large metal letters. Get some that spell out MOM, LOVE, or if they have shapes a simple heart will do. Go to the fake flower section and get some simple flowers like carnations, sunflowers, and daisies. Also get some of that weird green styrofoam stuff. Cut and shape the green styrofoam into the metal shapes of your choosing. Next cut the stems of the flowers just over two inches and stick them into the foam. There you have a personalized flower arrangement that wont ever die.

Are you in the $50-$100 range? If so this recommendation is for you. A nice, not cheap bottle of wine and new accessories to go with is a good route to take. You of course have to know what wine she prefers, have it be a Claret or a Zinfandel, make sure to get the right one – yes it does matter. You can find some nice wine options close by at the Paramount Ballroom! Then get some wine glass charms for when she has friends over so they know whose glass is which. Perhaps a nicer set of wine glasses would be appreciated for the avid wine drinker. Wine bottle bags are also a necessity and cute wine stoppers will hopefully get her to limit herself to a few glasses (rather than trying to finish the whole bottle so the wine doesn’t go bad), it’s a win-win.

Now for you budget-less folks out there, what does a girl really want? Jewelry, sometimes a kitten, but usually jewelry. Where can you get amazing, unique jewelry in Cheyenne? There’s a cluster of jewelry stores in the Frontier Mall where you can hop around and find yourself the best deal in one place. If you are looking for a more personal touch and want to go local, Teton Jewelers and Bohemian Metals are also great options. Make sure to keep in mind what does your mom really wear? Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, if you aren’t sure, look at some pictures, there should be some hints somewhere. Then give the gift to her over dinner, she will cry, or I will give you a money back guarantee. JK.

Happy craft/shopping!



How to: Meal Prep

Today on How To Meal Prep, I’ll be suggesting easy ideas on how to keep yourself on track and out of that slow moving fast food drive thru. Believe me, the meal prepping train is hard to stay on but with the right motivation I know we can do it together!

The first thing you might be wondering is, why is meal prepping so important? Well, in the long run it is better for your wallet than going out everyday for lunch. The meal you just upsized to large fries (don’t blame you) and added four sides of ranch to definitely empties the wallet, fast. Of course a business lunch can be used as an acceptable excuse to spend money, just don’t make it a habit!

Second, it saves time. We all know that there’s only so much time we have to eat during the work day. How can a thirty minute break felt like a five-minute break? Only the Time Lord knows. So why waste it all in line when you can pop something in the microwave for a few minutes and have instant enjoyment?

Third, it contributes to an overall better balanced diet. Whether you are or aren’t watching what you eat, your body will thank you for one less Big Mac a week (and hopefully your body will thank you for less fast food in general). Also, who hates the way fast food makes them feel? I know I do, and meal prepping will hopefully take that sluggish, gross feeling away.

Lastly, it will relieve your stress. Yes indeed, in the middle of the day instead of worrying and deciding last minute about what to eat, it’s already decided. Now all you have to worry about is the fomo (fear of missing out) you’ll get from thinking of that Big Mac when you’re eating that Caesar salad.

So now that you know why you should meal prep let’s get into the hows. Let’s just do the simplest and most effective way!

Firstly, you need something to store your food in. Any kind of Tupperware works. I would just keep in mind that different meals will fit in different sized containers so make sure to get a variety. Also, if you’re a fan of salad dressings or any type of dipping sauces look for little containers to put those in.

Now, while you’re at the store, it would be a good time to get the ingredients for your meals (if you have your list ready). Don’t forget to buy in bulk, at least enough food for five meals if you’re only planning on prepping for lunch. One of my favorite meals (favorite because it’s easy) baked chicken, rice, and baked broccoli. I won’t tell you how you should cook and season each item on this post because there are just so many different ways.

This meal is easiest because you can throw the chicken and broccoli to bake together and have the rice cook all at the same time. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that cooked meat is good for about three to four days. So if you plan on cooking Monday and eating Friday you can freeze your meal and it’ll be good to go for you Friday morning.

Once you get your meal cooked and ready divide it into your different containers. Label them, just for aesthetic reasons, and you’re all set!

Have fun and get creative with your recipes!

How to: handle your caffeine addiction

Have you ever had to work above a coffee shop? Let me tell you, it’s hard, especially working above the reigning champion of best coffee shops in Cheyenne (which is what we have to do here at The Second Floor). Smelling the coffee smelly smells wafting up the stairs everyday is really hard. Hearing them call out those mega delicious drinks and salivating at the thought of an iced 20oz Casa Bonita topped with whipped cream and honey drizzle is hard. [Fun fact of the day: Did you know coffee was invented because of dancing goats? You didn’t? Really? That’s outrageous! Google it, and you’re welcome.] Do you know what’s not hard?

Tea. Tea is easy.

Sure we have delectable teas and Paramount coffee at your disposal in the break room, but none of them quite kick the 3 o’clock hump you find yourself in almost every Monday and Friday in the same way that Yerba Mate will. Usually the first question about Yerba Mate is, what is it? It’s a tea made from dried leaves of an Evergreen Holly, found in the wondrous land of South America. It’s best described as a grassy taste similar to green tea but it definitely is NOT green tea, it’s in it’s own tea category.

Now let’s get to the benefits of Yerba Mate and why it could (and maybe should) replace your daily cup(s) of coffee. Yerba Mate gives you the caffeine energy (yes it still contains caffeine) more smoothly, without the crash. SAY WHAAAA??!! It’s like a rollercoaster that’s flat, keeps going at a steady rate, and doesn’t end for a very, very, very long time. Rather than the coffee rollercoaster that jerks you up that really high ramp and to the other side, going at a slightly dangerous speed, and then stopping immediately after you get down that awful slope. The best part is Yerba Mate won’t effect your sleep like coffee does and most importantly no jitters.

This super tea is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Drink tea when you’re sick? Great, the best tea to drink when your sick? Yerba Mate. Why? Antioxidants. It has high compounds of saponins (this part coming up I totally googled because who the heck knows what a saponin is??). Saponins are natural emulsifiers that boost the immune system and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Leslie Taylor has a book, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs. In that book she lists other many uses of Yerba Mate which include: It’s a digestive aid. Can be used as part of a weight loss plan. Is great as a general nerve tonic for pain, fatigue, and depression. As well as help cure annoying illnesses such as allergies. How can a dried leaf do so much? Magic.

Now why am I turning you off of coffee? I’m not. I’m just offering another great option to get over the 3 o’clock hump in case you have issues going to sleep when you drink that last cup of coffee.

Have you every tried a Super Sayain? Well that’s made with Yerba Mate. For us nerds out there, does it make sense why the drink is called the Super Sayain? It makes you feel so powerful, like a Super Sayain. Just sayin. So keep going down to the Café for your energy and food needs, and try to come up with your own Yerba Mate concoction.

Happy tasting!

Cinco De Mayo!

Are you hating the fact that Cinco De Mayo is on a Saturday this year? Yeah me too. That means no low-key office parties…. or does it? The BEST part of it being on a Saturday is that you can have your office party on Friday and still sleep in the next morning without having to worry about waking up AND looking presentable at work the next day (unless someone you know is getting married or has some other significant event).

Step one to having the best low-key office party: Piñatas! Could be dangerous, but don’t fret, piñatas are the best way to relieve that office stress that I’m sure we’ve all been holding in for probably a few years now. What you need is a secluded room, with all the breakable stuff (JK), a piñata, and a really tough stick thing. Have individuals go in and relieve stress for five whacks, and just like taking turns at a long line at a porta potty, one person at a time (this ensures that no one will be harmed in the making of this amazing day). When the piñata breaks, that person must go back to work immediately for ruining the fun of everyone else who didn’t get to relieve their stress. Everyone else is allowed one handful of candy until it is gone. Sugar rush to end the shift strong? I think yes.

How does one set the mood for a low key Cinco De Mayo office party? I’m so glad you asked – music! There’s beautiful apps such as Spotify, Apple music, Pandora, etc. that you can search for party music. There’s no limitations so try searching for: low key party music, chill music, dance music, or mariachi music. Depending on what mood you want, you can find a playlist that will fit all your office party needs!

The most important part of this party is the food! You cannot forget to get everyone involved in a potluck! Mexican food is the perfect theme with the most perfect munchie food options. My personal favorites to include: nachos, street tacos, spicy rice, chips and salsa, chips and queso, taquitos, taco salad, and the list goes on. Each one is super simple to make while also being mega delicious. Well deserved for a work lunch, I think.

Lastly, the most important part of a low key Cinco De Mayo office party: Have fun! Enjoy the company of your coworkers, let go of your dietary restrictions for just this one day, and go home wishing Matt hadn’t broke the piñata on the first try…

Happy low key partying!

Spring cleaning ???

It’s about that time to start decluttering our homes from the busy holidays and gifts that you didn’t particularly want or need. No matter how many times you tell Aunt Marge you have a hairless cat, she insists on giving you a cat comb for each holiday. Now all those five combs are shoved in a drawer that you can’t quite remember even what room it’s in, and are terrified to think about what else you’ve shoved into said mystery drawer.

Where do you begin decluttering mystery drawer(s) and your house all together? Well let’s start with some helpful tips that I learned from the internet!

First, to get clean you must get messy, DUH! Start out with searching every drawer in the house for those darn combs. When found, set them in the middle of the floor in your biggest room. Starting with the clutteriest things, keep going through the room you found the mystery drawer in. No, you don’t need ten pairs of mittens and that really odd cat plate collection your grandma gave you in 1999. Pretty sure she has a cat problem…

Start with the things you haven’t used or even thought of in the last six months. If that doesn’t narrow anything down, get pickier. What’s practical? Do you need that beach chair from when you lived in Florida (yes you want to keep it for that time you MIGHT go to the beach again but even then, don’t you think a new updated chair is in order?). Keep doing this from room to room until you have a nice big pile. If one pile isn’t enough, take it outside (if you have a yard) or into your garage. Just make sure you have a dedicated space so that you don’t confused what you want from what you don’t.

Next, get a collection of trash bags or boxes (which ever is easiest for you and most accessible) and take that stuff out! Make sure to donate what ever possible and not just throw it all away, someone somewhere might need that cat plate collection.

Now! If you want to go on your next vacation, but are bad at saving money, have a yard sale! You can make some pretty good cash if you price things right, advertise, and have a wide variety and broad collection of cat things. Er, I mean just things… and cats. Facebook and the local newspaper are great means of getting the word out on your amazing junk sale. Everyone loves junk, especially when it’s not our own. Just don’t advertise it as junk, that might be a bit of a turn off.

*Extra pro tip* Running out of closet space and you aren’t Kim Kardashian and can’t just extend your closet? Flip your hangers around to where they’re facing away from you. Anytime you take out an article of clothing and put it back, replace the hanger going the right direction. Any hangers left hanging in the wrong direction after six months you should donate! Extra, extra pro tip! Want money for those clothes? Go to Plato’s Closet here in Cheyenne, they’ll buy your clothes and you can use that money to buy more there! Oh wait we don’t need more clothes… shoot.

Now that you know what you’re doing let’s get started cleaning!
Have fun!

Hi there!

Hi guys, I wanted to introduce myself since I will be taking over the blog for a few months. My name is Sami and I’ll be at The Second Floor on Monday and Wednesday afternoons! Some of you may remember me from working downstairs in the Cafe for about a year so please say hi, I may remember your drink order.

Currently you can see me at the lovely desk or at the Paramount Ballroom serving amazing cocktails and food! Let’s just say I can’t get enough of the Paramount! I will be leaving in June, unfortunately, to pursue a degree in forensic pathology at UW! Now that makes me sound really smart but rest-assured I still call my mom to figure out how to soft boil eggs!

I really love animals, and for those of you who don’t know (it’s kind of a big deal) I’m obsessed with cats. More specifically my cats, Butters, a one eyed flame point siamese, and Oliver, a tabby mix. As much as I love cats I also have two dogs, Castiel, a blue-heeler pit mix, and Olivia, a tri-color corgi. If you love animals too, I do enjoy showing pictures of my furbabies to anyone! Also for those who bring a dog to work, expect for me to attack them with happiness.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait to eventually meet all of you!

Member Spotlight – Justine Whitacre


Let’s welcome our newest member to the Second Floor, Justine Whitacre! We’re excited to have her here and to share her story with all of you!

Justine was born and raised in Southern California. After joining the Navy in 1999, she moved away from Cali in 2000 and found herself residing in Virginia from 2000-2014. She left active duty for the reserves and took on the ever so fun job of EMS. Then in 2014 she was offered a position here in our great state of Wyoming.

So why leave the east coast for the good WYO? Well Justine says, “I took it because as a teenager I spent time in Wyoming during camping trips, and truly grew to love the state. I like living in Cheyenne because it’s a good mix of small town and big city. It provides a slower pace of life with all the amenities that someone who grew up in Southern California craves on the regular (with the exception of the beach and Disneyland).”

Let’s find out more about what Justine does and what she loves about it, shall we?

Currently, Justine is the Associate Director of Program Services for Overture. What is Overture you ask? Well, we have the answer for you and no, it has nothing to do with Beethoven and his music. Overture is a company operating out of Colorado since 1969; it serves the developmentally disabled, assists them in gaining everyday living skills, and becoming as independent as they are able. Justine came on board with Overture in October 2017 in order to help them expand their service’s region to southeast Wyoming. With the expansion into Wyoming, Overture hopes to serve as many people with disabilities in the community as they can. The company’s primary goals are to always help individuals live rewarding lives independently and with dignity.

“The best part of working for Overture is the positive atmosphere promoted by all staff members,” she says, “as well as the benefits of helping others live out their goals in life.”

How can the Second Floor help Overture and Justine reach their goals? Well let’s hear it from Justine herself, “we will be utilizing the Second Floor space primarily for an admin office for Wyoming operations of Overture. We also hope to meet new people, network, and be a part of a work environment that is fun, uplifting, and positive for all.”

Thanks Justine and Overture for letting us be a part of such a great company!

Member Spotlight – Amy Tachiquin

amy blog
I would like to introduce you to Amy Tachiquin. Amy is a recent addition to our coworking space. She moved to Cheyenne in September on a youthful whim from western Nebraska while looking for a larger town with a reasonable cost of living. Cheyenne has been a great fit for her needs! Amy especially loves spending time at the local library and exploring the night life.
Amy works for Helix Mobile Wellness and Research. They specialize in hormone therapy with a concierge aspect. They provide hormone balancing to patients in the comfort of their own home or office out in California. Amy works on the administrative side,  handling scheduling, billing, and customer service from the administrative office that is based out of Cheyenne. She loves assisting patients in reaching their health goals and being a part of a new, exciting start up.
Amy says “I’m so happy to be in the wonderful environment of The Second Floor. I do a lot of my work remotely from home but it is very nice to have a professional yet relaxed environment to come to when needed.”
We really enjoy having you around too Amy!

Member Spotlight – Matt Cook


Meet Matt Cook – another awesome addition to The Second Floor from Language I/O (and the last one from that company that works out of our office space)

Cook, Matt


Matt is not a man of many words, except when he is writing articles for the Wyoming Business Report (check out his article in the February 2018 addition). The lack of words means he did not give me a ton to go on to introduce you to him.

The basics are that he moved to Cheyenne about 3 months ago to reduce his commute from Laramie (and possible death from driving on I-80), which we completely understand. Matt is originally from La Grande, Oregon. I have no clue why he moved to Wyoming, but you should definitely ask him! His hobbies include reading, board/tabletop games, and riding my bike at a leisurely pace (no bike racing for him).

As state above, he works for Language I/O, but he started in Software Development by helping a post-graduate Botany researcher at the University of Wyoming to rewrite some simulation software. Matt really dug into developing software at Language I/O though. He enjoys working there because the laid-back, yet driven culture allows him to express some creativity in the way he writes code, while providing enough structure to keep him from wandering too far down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole is fun Matt, you should go down it every once in a while!!

Matt didn’t tell me how he uses the coworking space, but from talking to him and observing his patterns, I believe it is primarily for our never-ending water machine & coffee. He stops by for hot water and cold water multiple times a day, and on occasion he stops by for coffee, beer, or ping pong. We like having him around though!

Make sure to say hi when you see him & maybe ask him what his favorite board game is or why he moved to Wyoming!


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