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I was sent an article by someone who is super passionate about coworking. She sees how shared-use offices tie into the evolving workplace format that we find around us today. This article was a great rundown of how the work that we all do is transitioning from the historically accepted norm to a new arena of non-traditional and custom office situations.

I want to give a big thanks to Ross Perlin at Fast Company for putting this article together so that we all may consider the changes that are taking place around us. I have included the main points below but you can read the full article HERE.



5 New Rules of Work

By Ross Perlin

OLD RULE is “You commute into an office everyday”


NEW RULE is “Work can happen wherever you are, anywhere in the world”

OLD RULE is “Work is 9 to 5”


NEW RULE is “You’re on call 24/7”

OLD RULE is “You have a full-time job with benefits”


NEW RULE is “You go from gig to gig, project to project”

OLD RULE is “Work-life balance is about two distinct, separate spheres”


NEW RULE is “For better or worse, the line between work and life is almost entirely disappearing”

OLD RULE is “You work for money, to support yourself and your family”


NEW RULE is “You work because you’re passionate about a movement or a cause – you have to love what you do”

I definitely see these changes taking place and that is just here in Cheyenne! I bet some of these are more pronounced and already commonplace in larger cities. Do you agree that these are the 5 biggest changes? Do you see changes that aren’t on this list? Leave a comment on what you notice around your workplace!



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